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22 Park Street, Bacchus Marsh,
Victoria 3340 (30mins west of Melbourne)

8am – 5pm Monday to Friday
Phone: (03) 5367 8999
Mobile: 0429 933 875

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Design, Manufacture,
Delivery & Installation.

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Home Improvement Solutions from CorroSteel

Metal Water Tanks – Slimline or round, standard or custom sizes, 20 year Bluescope warranty, the strength and durability of Colorbond® Steel!

Raised Veggie Gardens – Melbourne’s No. 1 manufacturer of Colorbond® garden products.
Garden beds oblong or round, short or tall. All season growing with our summer & winter plant covers.

Home Improvement – Great home ideas for the backyard.
Firewood stackers, garden fish ponds, wheelie bin hideaways, fire pits, incinerators and more.

Pet Shelters – Let’s not forget our furry/feathered friends.
An all weather shelter for the family pooch, a cosy home for the rabbit or a factory shed for the egg production team!


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