Fresh Herbs and
    Vegetables Anytime!

  • No bending over

  • Out of reach of Pets

  • Fun & educational for the kids

  • Healthy – grown chemical free

  • Pays for itself in vegetable cost savings


Colorbond® Standard Colours Non-Standard Colours (5% extra)

A Garden for All Seasons

Protects against:
  • Summer Sun

  • Winter Cold

  • Chewing Insect Pests

  • Inquisitive Family Pets

  • Rabbits, Possums & Birds etc


Summer Cover

Winter Cover

Garden - Oblong

1500L x 600W x 400H
1500L x 600W x 660H
1500L x 600W x 840H

1800L x 800W x 400H
1800L x 800W x 660H
1800L x 800W x 840H

2400L x 800W x 400H
2400L x 800W x 660H
2400L x 800W x 840H

2400L x 1000W x 400H
2400L x 1000W x 660H
2400L x 1000W x 840H

3000L x 1000W x 400H
3000L x 1000W x 660H
3000L x 1000W x 840H

Garden - Round

1200 Dia x 660H
1200 Dia x 840H

1500 Dia x 660H
1500 Dia x 840H

1800 Dia x 660H
1800 Dia x 840H

Ideal for growing Herbs, Tomatoes, Lettuce, Capsicums, Spinach, Silverbeet, Potatoes, Zucchinis, Strawberries and much much more!

  • Prices from $220

  • Protective heavy duty PVC Strip on top edge – will not weather perish like rubber

  • Custom sizes available at no extra cost

  • Plant covers protect against summer heat, winter cold & pests

  • Fitted Bases available (suitable for Verandas & Decks)

  • Colorbond© Colours – Classic Cream, Paperbark, Pale Eucalypt, Wilderness, Manor Red, Surfmist, Windspray, Woodland Grey, Cottage Green, Deep Ocean & Galvanised.

Self Watering Kit

Water & Forget!
Our patented new Self Watering system delivers water and nutrients directly to your plants where they need it most – at the roots! It means reduced water evaporation, less leaf burn and healthier plants.

This allows for extended time away from home with the peace of mind that your valuable plants will continue to thrive in your absence!

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The Tomato Tub

This low and narrow 600mm wide Tomato planter is ideal for placement against a wall or fence – grow your favourite large round or cherry tomatoes at the back of the planter and still have room to grow companion herbs and/or salads at the front.

Available in colours Woodland Grey, Pale Eucalypt and Manor Red (pictured).
1800L x 600W x 400H $235

Compost Bins
  • Galvanised or Colorbond®

  • Easy front access for tossing & forking

  • Permanent or movable

Compost Bays

1000W x 1000D x 840H
1250W x 1250D x 840H
1500W x 1500D x 840H


'CorroSteel Industries' is a Melbourne based manufacturer of quality metal Raised Garden Beds and other corrugated metal products such as Aquaplate Rainwater Tanks, Compost Bins, Pet Shelters and many other great innovative products for the home backyard. Our factory is located in Bacchus Marsh just 30 minutes west of Melbourne and we service and deliver to a wide area including Melbourne, Ballarat, Geelong, and all surrounding districts.

Our popular raised garden beds are just great for people with limited space but still want the convenience of growing their own fresh herbs and vegetables for the family. Veggie garden beds are fun and educational for the kids and they also keep your garden up and out of the reach of family pets, unwelcome pests such as rabbits and when fitted with the plant cover system also protects against birds, possums and even roos! No more harmful horticultural chemicals when you grow your own vegetables – healthy and organically grown all the time!

With our raised garden beds there is no more bending over! They are made in 3 different heights – 400mm (16″), 660mm (24″) and 840mm (32″). All our raised garden beds have a heavy duty PVC protector strip on the top edge which will not weather perish like other rubber strips, so there are no unpleasant sharp edges to worry about. Our new protective plant covers are a real bonus! In the summer they protect against the fierce burning sun which can quickly destroy most leafy vegetable plants and in the winter, simply replace the shade cloth with our insulation cover and you have a mini green house to take your veggies right through the cold winter.

Construction of the raised garden beds is of heavy grade Bluescope corrugated steel available in many Colorbond© colours. The most popular colours are natural green colours such as Pale Eucalypt or Woodland Grey. Many different sizes are also available to suit any space and you can choose oblong garden beds to fit along a wall perhaps or a round shape for a more open area. Our raised garden beds are made to a standard not a price! Our quality raised garden beds are solid one piece construction with a double fastened and silicon sealed joint. All our long oblong raised garden beds are fitted with stainless steel support bars to prevent side bulging as occurs with other unsupported kitset raised garden beds.

Corro raised garden beds are just great for the whole family and are the way of the future – energy efficient, water efficient, convenient, healthy and money saving! They are ideal for growing a wide variety of fresh herbs, salad vegetables, asian leafy vegetables, tomatoes and much much more – and all just seconds away from your kitchen! Great for yourself or as a gift idea for a friend or relative.

Contact Details

Our Factory:
22 Park Street, Bacchus Marsh, Victoria 3340 (30 minutes west of Melbourne)
Hours: 8am – 5pm Monday to Friday

Phone: (03) 5367 8999      Mobile: 0429 933 875      Email:


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